Bridgeman Downs In 4k

Real estate photography is easier with a drone

You would not think that a short 20 minute drive from Brisbane’s CBD and you would be at Bridgeman Downs, but that’s it!

In no time at all (well 20 mins), Green Sky Photography was onsite and in the air with one of our DJI Phantom 4’s.  This one is the Pro and it films in 4k.  Yep…  4k.

Real estate photography looks so much better from above.  And in 4k!!!

You don’t need to stop getting your normal, standard, run of the mill photos, keep getting them!  Showcase a different perspective from angles other estate agents are not prepared to offer their client.

Do you have a real estate listing coming up?  It’s time to show off

At Green Sky Photography , we offer a reliable, professional and cost effect service to show off your best property angles.

Let us be your go to drone photography business in Brisbane.  The best thing, we travel to you!

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Contact or call Jamie on 0414909881 to discuss what Green Sky Photography can do for you.

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