Drones Close Call @ Bicheno Blowhole Tasmania







Drones Close Call In Tasmania

Green Sky Photography took a small detour and a well deserved break to check our this awesome Blowhole in Bicheno approx 20 mins North of Coles Bay, Tasmania.  With the drone in the air we managed to quickly get into position to capture these photos.

Green Sky Photography had to conduct a couple of strategic maneuvers to avoid a curious Sea Eagle from taking out our drone and as well as the large amounts of water shooting into the air. We were trying to get as close as possible.

After photographing the Blowhole, the drone turned East and headed out approx 800 meters to sea to investigate the wildlife sun baking on the rocks.  If you look closely you will see loads of birds just enjoying the sun.  What a life and what a view!  Nice bit of natural real estate.

Green Sky Photography hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed taking them.

If you need anything professional real estate photography, both high and low, contact jamie@greenskyphotography.com or call Jamie on 0414909881.

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