Never Out Of Reach With A Drone- Real Estate Inspections In Brisbane Made Easy

Hard To Reach Areas in Brisbane- No Problems With Our Drones

Green Sky Photography was up and at it again helping a consultant reach some normally hard to reach areas with one of our sub 2kg drones in Brisbane.

With one of our Green Sky Photography drones, we were up in the air and inspecting in no time.  Think about what is normally involved conducting a roof/gutter inspection!  Firstly, all the paperwork… working from height permits, SWMS’s/JSA’s.  Safety equipment like harnesses. Have your anchor points been certified safe and tested within the last 12 months?

Green Sky Photography can get to those hard to reach places quicker than climbing stairs, quicker than your lift, quicker than you may realise.  No boom or scissor lift.  Plus we are easy to work with.

Use a drone.  It’s quicker, safer and cheaper.

Green Sky Photography will go anywhere you need to get anything you need photographed.  No job is too small or to big.

Green Sky Photography do more than inspections of commercial buildings with drones.  Whether you are a real estate agent wanting real estate photography or a small business wanting professional photographs of your shop, Green Sky Photography is your go to drone photography business in Brisbane.

Contact or call Jamie on 0414909881 to discuss what Green Sky Photography can do for you.

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