IT’s LIVE!!! Brisbane CBD Crane Video

Ever wondered how a crane is set up???

Check out Green Sky Photography’s newly completed client video.

In the video you will see the beginning to the end of how a 125 m tall crane is erected – Right in the middle of the Brisbane CBD.

We had all hands on deck that day.  We had drone pilots, photographers and videographers.  We had cameras covering all angles.  We had GoPros attached to the top and bottom of the cranes.  All up there was approx 10 hours of content used to make this 2 min marketing video.

We can’t decide what was the best bits.  The Drone or the footage from the GoPro attached to the cranes arm.

Let us know what you think…

Green Sky Photography is a CASA Certified and fully insured Drone operator, specializing in Drone Inspections.

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