Progress Inspections Conducted by A Drone

What is the fast way to inspect 140 hectares?

If you guessed a Drone, you are 100% correct!

Using the latest drone technology allow for a faster, more efficient and cost effective way of inspections.

Do you need to conduct an inspection of a large site?  Commercial building? or just checking on on the progress of your building or operation?

Here is a quick pic before take off to inspect our clients 140ha solar farm.  Part of our area approval to fly in a restricted zone is to notify Air Traffic Control 30 min prior to flight.

Get to see some real cool aircraft in the area as the Oakey Military base is close by.

Green Sky Photography are fully CASA licensed and insured.  We make sure every flight is conducted safely with your feet securely on the ground.

Here are some other examples of recent inspections conducted by our drones

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