Drone Inspections

GREEN SKY PHOTOGRAPHY provides intelligent DRONE services through many inspection OPTIONS for all property types and sizes.

Our EXPERIENCE coupled with our team’s extensive BACKGROUND equips us to change the way in which businesses collect CRITICAL information which allows for better managed assets through simple reporting of shareable DRONE data.

Drone Inspection are becoming an essential service within the building industry.  The sheer size and time taken to conduct traditional manual inspections restrains property owners and managers from their core decision making roles.

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Thermal Drone Inspections

Solar Farms Inspections

Commercial & Industrial Solar PV Inspections

Water Proofing Issues

Heat Load Issues

Power Line & Transmission Inspections

Building Inspections

Agriculture Inspections

Close Visual Inspections

Roof Condition Assessments

Façade Inspections

Plant & Equipment Inspections

Routine or Adhoc Inspections

Pre & Post Storm Damage Inspections

2D & 3D Asset Modelling

Buildings, Houses and Land Inspections

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